The Plague
La plaga

The plague


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Directed by
Neus Ballús

Written by
Neus Ballús & Pau Subirós

Raül Molist, Maria Ros, Rosemarie Abella, Iurie Timbur, Maribel Martí

Diego Dussuel

Music by
David Crespo

Produced by
El Kinògraf

85 min.




Berlinale Forum 2013 — Nominated Best Debut Film
European Film Awards Nominated for Discovery Award
LUX Prize Awards — Nominated
Goya Awards — Nominated Best New Director
Gaudi Awards Best Film, Direction, Screenplay and Editing
San Sebastián Film Festival — Made in Spain
BFI London Film Festival — Official Selection
Seattle Film Festival – Official Selection
BAFICI Film Festival — Official Selection
Viennale Film Festival — Official Selection
CPH PIX — Official Selection
Women’s Dormund-Cologne Festival —Best Film
Motovun Film Festival — Best Film Award
Torino Film Festival — Interfedi Award
Toulouse Cinespaña — Best Screenplay Award
Cali Film Festival — Best Film Award
Opera Prima Film Festival Tudela — Best Director Award and Equality Award
Sant Jordi Awards — Best First Film Award

A tale of crossed lives in a surprising fresco of life on the outskirts of Barcelona. Five people and their lives portray the uncertainty and spirit of rebellion that characterises Spain in these times of crisis.

A hybrid of documentary and fiction, the film, shot during the hottest part of the summer, combines the stories of five people who work on the outskirts of Barcelona and whose paths cross every day: Iurie, a Moldavian wrestler who is waiting for Spanish papers and is working on the harvest with farmer Raül. Raül took over the farm from his parents. The situation is precarious, as an insect plague has infested his fields and is threatening to ruin the yield. Respiratory problems have forced his neighbour Maria, an almost 90-year-old farmer, to move into an old people’s home. There she meets geriatric nurse Rosemarie from the Philippines, who has only been living in Spain for a short time and makes her way to work every day on foot. On a dirt road near the highway, Maribel sits on a wobbly garden chair, trying to earn a living for herself and her unemployed son as a prostitute.


«Ballús has a vivid talent for creating memorable slice-of-life moments.»
John Hartl, The Seattle Times
«The film combines the stories of five individuals into an admirably coherent whole.»